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Medical Solutions

Texas Precision Digital A/V is partnered with Data Distributing for our medical solutions.  Data Distributing has come up with great digital solutions that can grow to meet the needs of your facility.  We can offer complete solutions for your Imaging Department for up to 4 Modalities.  We can upgrade your current PACS system to an Autoloader System.  With our software and hardware package you can push your DICOM images directly to disc at the same time as to your PACS system, attach files, and Promote your facility with your Personal marketing on the label as well as imbedded on the CD/DVD Graphic User Interface.

CD Powerpacs 

  • Drastically reduce your use of expensive film for your imaging department or center.
  • Promote your facility with customizable labels and images imbedded in the viewer.
  • More about CD Powerpacs
  • Features list for the CD Powerpacs

For Imaging Centers with 4 or less Modalities we offer:


  • A robust archive server with software for a small imaging environment.
  • Fully DICOM compliant
  • Multiple Archiving solutions

Analog to Digital

  • Easily convert non-digital X-Ray Machines into DICOM images that can then be saved to your PACS, CD, and DVD.
  • 100% Compatibility with all of our solutions.

Archive Server

  • Increase digital storage space online with several long term storage options.

Medical Document Scanning

  • Convert paper Documents to Digital images that can be saved to your RIS or Digital Patient Records.

HIPAA Statement

TOTOKU Monitors

  • We offer the very best in Medical Systems Monitors from TOTOKU.
  • These monitors and video cards will ensure accurate analysis of your medical images from any modality.
  • Full color capability and 3 mega pixels or black and white with up to 5 mega pixels and high contrast ratios with long lamp life.
  • These are a must have for an imaging department that wants to have the competitive edge.