Business Solutions

Archiving Solutions:

DVD Offline Archiving Solution

  • With Spanning Software and an Online Library DVD Archiving is a solid solution for off-site archival of critical business imformation.

BizGuardian D2D2T Archiving Solution

  • A robust, automated archival solution that ensures your business has full disaster recovery.
  • Software and hardware integration with 100% compatability and reliability.

Paper to Digital Solutions:


  • Powerful document scanning solution that utilizes a file cabinet organization system that makes retrieving files easy.
  • Turnkey solution.
  • Create a usable paperless digital archive that is customizable to your specific needs.
  • As easy to use as a Printer or Xerox Machine, and can be used to send files to the printer, xerox, E-mail, and Server all at the same time.
Image Director

  • Robust software for document scanning, storing, and retrieving.
  • Integratable with Rimage Autoloaders for CD/DVD archiving of Digital Documents.
  • Saves documents as non-proprietory .tif files or save them as PDF.
  • Continue to add pages to a document even after saving.
  • Built in OCR, at no additional cost.

Active Remitance Software

  • Fully functional remitance software that can automatically image payments by simply loading the envelops into the machine.
  • Can even deal with non-conforming envelopes and memo notes written on checks.
  • Hardware and software fully integrated, this is a turnkey solution.