Live Performance

We have experience in recording all types of environments.

  • Church Events – youth events, special performance of Church groups (outside of a church service), talent shows
  • Seminars – keynote speakers, Q&A, panel discussions
  • Concerts – choral, instrumental, school-based, professional groups, private groups
  • Dance – School based dance teams and pep squads, private groups
  • Competitions – UIL Based, non-UIL Based

Up to 24 tracks Audio

We can record just about any situation that can be thrown at us.  As simple as 2 microphones and as complex as up to 24 individual microphones we can do it.  And we can sync it to video.

All-Digital Recording, Editing, and Mastering.

We record direct to CD, 8 track ADAT, and 24 Track Hard Drive.  We use Sonic Foundry software for editing with 1/100,000th of a second editing capability.  Our masters are made on professional CD-R writers.