Print Quality

We have several grades of print quality from the economically minded to the highest professional standards to meet your particular needs.  We can accept digital imaging to use for your labels and covers or create them for you.

High Quality Ink Jet

  • We use HP Ink Jet and high quality ink jet paper goods to make incredible ink jet labels for CDs and DVDs as well as booklets and tray inserts.  Good quality printing at an economical price.

High Quality Laser Printing

  • We use an HP Laser Printer for very high quality printing.  We can make full color CD booklets and DVD Covers with stunning printing results, giving you professional results without the costs of professional color separation and proofing.

CD and DVD Thermal Retransfer

  • Our thermal retransfer printing process for CD and DVD is incredible.  The print quality is better than Silk Screen, and less expensive especially for orders less than 1000 units.  This is a photorealistic printing process that is better than magazine quality at 173 lines per inch.  Our printing process lets you put as much quality on the outside of your disc as you have put into the quality of materials written to the disc.