Rimage CD & DVD Autoloaders

Producer 5400

  • This 100 disc capacity CD/DVD burner and Labeling system is great for a front office environment.
  • With it’s small foot print and imbedded computer capability you can set this up easily
  • As with all Rimage products, this machine is on the network with a Gigabit Ethernet card for fast uploading.
  • Excellent printing capabilities, this machine utilizes the Everest printer.
Producer III

  • The 6100, 7100, and 8100 are robust CD/DVD/Blu-Ray autoloaders with a lot of options and thought to their design.
  • The software suite is powerful, and the client side software is unlimited for any number of machines you have in your office.
  • The Producer III line is designed to bring On-Demand disc publishing to its highest levels of performance yet.
  • This is not just a duplicator, this machine can accept multiple CD orders at one time, burn them, and label them correctly.
  • Two very powerful printing options for the Producer III.
  • Choose from having a separate server for the unit or having an imbedded server inside the case for a smaller area.
  • Utilize Multiple units in a Satelight configuration for the maximum throughtput possible.

  • From the vibrant colors of ink jet, to the least expensive thermal transfer, to the most professional and crisp photorealistic printing available on the market with Thermal Retransfer; Rimage printing solutions can meet your needs.